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Here at Shalimar we ask everyone what degree of spiciness they would enjoy with their meal. Indian food is not spicy, unless that is what you desire, then we can prepare any degree you would enjoy. We create our cuisine with lots of flavour using traditional blends of herbs and spices as described above. This results in a fantastic, flavourful and healthy dining experience. We do not use M.S.G. or Ghee "a blend of purified butter and coconut milk high in fat and cholesterol", in our cooking. We prefer to use healthy and flavourful ingredients.

We are always happy to work with you dietary needs and/or restrictions. We would like to invite you to the dine at Shalimar. While your eyes are enjoying the natural beauty of Mount Washington Valley, treat yourself to delicious, healthy homemade flavours from around the world.

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Shalimar of India
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